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Since KU’s 2013 debut “Feathers”, many things have changed. Inside a turmoil of global and personal changes with an aftermath taking the lead and while his other projects (Jay Glass Dubs and The Hydra) started taking off, he decided it was time for all the material laying dormant in his demos to take shape into a second album.

Spiraling from the throbbing force of “A Happening” to the shuttered melancholy of “Cypriol”, “Ganja” is an album of departures and arrivals, a faint signature of a life past and the decision for a new one. The album's lyrics are the main objective. Holding strong position on matters such as power, love, ambition and depression, it underlines the addiction that may come to all of the above separately and simultaneously.

Like the plant that gave the album its name, the music in “Ganja” is a beneficial parasite, a strong symbiotic and a deja-vu of emotions, smells, melodies and orchestrations, indefinable yet so specific. The instrumentation is deliberately as elemental as possible, emphasizing on the essence of sound. Space guitars, Battiato-ian moogs, persuasive percussion and hummed protoelectronics juxtaposed with acoustic fragility, choral grandiose and white reggae moods reveal a process that is never militant towards one direction.

Recorded live in its larger amount, with the talent, musicianship and knowledge of his long time collaborators Baby Guru in their Marginalia Studio and produced by the band's Prins Obi and King Elephant as well as KU himself, in Mondays between May and June 2015, “Ganja” is a personal story sung and played between friends who fight, love, decide and forget each other but never unknow what brings them together. That sacramental moment when everything is in sync and the words and sounds float freely and fill up the room like smoke from a dried out herb.

“Ganja” is out on LP and digital album via Inner Ear.


released March 13, 2017


Music and lyrics by KU
Additional music by Baby Guru
Produced by King Elephant, Prins Obi and KU
Recorded at Marginalia Studio on Mondays
between May and June 2015
Engineered and mixed by King Elephant
Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot
Art direction by KU
Layout by d/B

A Happening
King Elephant: drums, noise, saxophone // KU: vocals, noise // Prins Obi: keyboards, Moog synthesizer

King Elephant: percussion, keyboards // KU: vocals // Prins Obi: keyboards

King Elephant: drums, Moog synthesizer, percussion // Kon Kon: electric guitar // KU: vocals // Prins Obi: organ, percussion // Sir Kosmiche: bass

Dry Dates
King Elephant: percussion // Kon Kon: acoustic guitar // KU: vocals // Prins Obi: organ

Spring Elevator
King Elephant: drums, percussion // Kon Kon: electric guitar // KU: vocals // Prins Obi: keyboards, Moog synthesiser, percussion // Sir Kosmiche: bass

Olympic Complex
KU: vocals // Prins Obi: piano

King Elephant: percussion, drums // KU: vocals, synthesizer // Prins Obi: Moog synthesizer, keyboards, organ

Kon Kon: acoustic guitar // KU: vocals // Sir Kosmiche: ring



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KU Athens, Greece

Dimitris Papadatos (b.1981,USA) is a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens Greece.
At the moment he actively runs three projects: ΚU, Jay Glass Dubs and The Hydra
KU is Dimitris Papadatos' singer - songwriter project. The songwriting practice is mainly based on improvisational techniques and oblique strategies and the lyrics are based on his yet unpublished poetry.
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Track Name: A Happening
The secrets of youth
hidden in choices
Their official use
is inspiring promises
And time after time
this weight isn't mine
I crash on formalities

Definite stares
mercurial loyalty
I'm oozing with lust
fear and uncertainty
And time after time
I'll wait till you're mine
till you frame my liberties

Losing my touch
of formidability
Submerging again
in fortified infantry
And time after time
in action and mind
I'll dissolve inside of me
Track Name: Hyacinth
Throw the ornamental burdens that you wear
keep the things that you forget in your despair
Paper bridges that you walked
thin white lines drawn with chalk
and this stench of treason in the air

There are functions that I still have to admire
the impossible arrangements of your life
All the gestures and the steps
that will lead you to regret
that you stayed with me another day
Hear me calling at you
it's the hyacinth rule
Does it sound like my voice
or does it sound like you?

Terrify me once more with your smile
make me look like someone else just for a while
If we try to make it straight
then the news will circulate
and we'll never see the light of day again

Hear me calling at you
it's the hyacinth rule
Does it sound like my voice
or does it sound like you?
Track Name: Turque
Your skin gets soft in the springtime
Your alphabet gets smaller
Your eyes look bigger and bigger
You're tuned into your reflection
Your sung numerical landscapes
will lash out on some frozen shore
Your babies unborn in the summertime
A lesson still unlearned

Receiving nothing
Deciding nothing more

A slow and cunning killer
His eyes are fiery cones
He climbs up your room in the nighttime
His knife is new and honed

Deceiving no one
Describing nothing more
Track Name: Dry Dates
Taste on my flesh while you can
I'm your invisible friend
Waiting for years to understand you will fall

Feverish eyes on a raid
always bold and unafraid
Making my best to estimate your control

Kiss me like you never have
It's me who opened this thread
Tracing your steps to overcome your support
Track Name: Spring Elevator
I am accused of total ignorance
I am amused by its deliverance
Fearless and strong I claim my innocence
I am a statue of blind obedience

Frozen and alone, in time and always tangible
Just a minimum supply is impossible

This colony of self-promoting fleas
stitched on my mind feel like a second skin

Master of this troubled mind, sound and credible
Will the war last long?  guess it's just possible
Track Name: Olympic Complex
-Sister of hope
where did you go?
-I had my time
wondrous time
oh well, you know...
Sitting inside
watching the tide
and sucking my thumb
-Sister of hope
you, marvelous joke
Did I annoy you
maybe when I told you
we're born alone?
-Despite my head
I understand
What you did to me
shines right through me
I wanted you dead
Track Name: Oolong
I'm into you
It's all the same and all the same
I've seen this through
It never waits, it never waits
It's all the same
I want to lose
that awful shame, but I am the same
There's always two that play this game
and take the blame
It's all the same

For the names oh the ones they're calling us
are the ones that our bones can stand

Terror and fear won't get you anyway
Certain emotions can't ruin your day
Blind dedication and instant regret
Different authorities that you forget

Fools rush in
As it's always been
Seven days a week
I pretend

I feel the ambition in everybody else
It's just a matter of exquisite taste
Come in my room and make this your fault
I have been always afraid of your thoughts

Fools rush in
As it's always been
Seven days a week
I pretend I feel

In a house of burning coals
I tried to strike a pose
For the names oh the ones they're calling us
are the ones that our bones can stand
Track Name: Cypriol
If I could see the light that burns me through
I would have turned it off because of you
And every sleepless night that passes by
I would have understood your every lie

The stars appalling (what are you waiting for?)
The music bores me (to even up the score?)

You take me in your arms just like a child
and you control me with a heartfelt eye
The loving that we share is like a fire
it burns the world and both of us inside

The sky is falling (exploding from your core)
The earth is longing (wait till you see some more)
And you're the one I was waiting for